Information Updated 6/20/2020

As we navigate the current health climate, our team placement process will be formatted differently than in years past. Instead of our traditional evaluation process, we will be giving our athletes the chance to safely showcase their skills while continuing to rebuild their strength and technique throughout the month of July. We feel this process will give us the best opportunity to create successful teams across different age and skill levels while creating a stress-free environment for our athletes. Please read below for additional information on our team placement process for the 2020-2021 season. 

CLICK HERE to view the UPDATED 2020-21 program information (including costs).


All athletes, new and returning, will sign up for a 30 minute skill assessment. During this skill assessment time, they will be evaluated on their current tumbling skills and cheer experience.

Each athlete will need to perform 2 standing tumbling skills and 2 running tumbling skills during their assessment time. Please refer to page 3 of the program information for a list of skills by level. If your athlete is striving to be placed in a group of a specific level, they should be prepared to perform, at a minimum, the required skills for that level.

Level training groups will be emailed out no later than Saturday, July 11th at 7:00 pm & practices will begin Monday, July 13th.  


After the skill assessment process, all athletes will be grouped by age and level. All training groups will be assigned two days of training a week (between 60-90 minutes per day). Elite, prep and novice athletes may train together in their respective level groups during this process.

The focus of level training will be conditioning, tumbling instruction and stretching/jump technique. During this time, coaches will continually evaluate the athletes and adjust group assignments as needed at the end of each week. If at any point during the month of July the social distancing guidelines are eased, we will then begin our basic stunt training. We strongly feel that the training our athletes will receive in their level training groups will be the foundation to forming the most successful teams at all levels.

*In the event that social distancing guidelines are eased and we are able to start basic stunting progressions, the team placement process may begin earlier than expected & adjustments to level training groups will be made.

TEAM PLACEMENT • August 2020**

At the end of level training, we will form teams based on the progress and technique of skills displayed throughout the month of July. Team placements will be sent out Sunday, August 2nd by 10:00 pm (subject to change). Team placements will not be final, adjustments may be made to teams as needed until mid-September.

While tumbling is one major component to team formation, so is the ability to excel in the other areas of the scoresheet. The staff will be looking at the “total package” and what attributes each athlete can bring to their potential team. Even though your athlete was assigned to a training group with a specific skill level this does not guarantee they will be placed on a team of that same level. While the majority of the athletes will most likely be placed according to their training group level, there will athletes who level up/level down according to other factors:

  • Exceptions in tumbling requirements can be made if an athlete excels in other skill areas that will benefit a team. An athlete may have little to no tumbling for a specific level but is a standout athlete in one or more of the other skill categories. These skills will make a significant contribution to the team.
  • In some cases, athletes may be placed on a team below their tumbling level. While they may meet all of the tumbling requirements for a higher level, they still have improvements to be made in one or more skill categories.
  • Athletes may be asked to participate on two teams, otherwise known as a crossover. Crossover athletes are typically used to fill specific roles that are open on teams. Crossovers may not be finalized until shortly before choreography.
  • Past attendance, attitude, commitment and work ethic will also be factors highly considered for returning athletes.

If an athlete does not participate in a level training group, they may schedule an individual evaluation for an additional fee however team placement is NOT guaranteed.

**In the event that we cannot start basic stunting progressions by the time we form teams, the teams that are formed at this time will be re-evaluated once social distancing guidelines are eased and we are able to accurately evaluate stunting techniques.



Note: Due to COVID-19 and our commitment to the health and safety of our members, the evaluation dates will be estimates only and may be pushed back and/or modified in format to comply with government orders and recommendations for social distancing. Updates to the information will be posted on this page and emailed to our interest list as soon as they are available.